• Murderer Spirit

    Ce texte est en Anglais. Je l'ai écrit en début 2016, en fin de dépression et je préfère vous prévenir : c'est violent. Mais vraiment violent. Si vous êtes mineurs ou si vous êtes sensibles, passez à l'article suivant. Vous êtes prévenus.





    Don't fuck with me you motherslut
    The madness is written in my DNA
    I am born like this I will die like that
    Lost child became a psychological predator
    So keep your fake glory for your children
    Tell your dirty stories to your grandmas
    I can imagine ten thousand of scenarios
    In order to think about how to torture you
    Meticulously rape and ruin your whole life
    I don't give a fuck about your moral codes
    I'll ruin your ass faster than your boyfriend
    And if that faggot dares to protect your chest
    I'll punch his face and kick him to death
    You won't have time to see his bleeding noise
    I would be already in your pussy to make it bleed
    I know you're quiet resilient and silencious
    You'll never dare to sue you'll never dare to talk
    So keep your mouth shut bitch, keep undressing for me
    Keep begging for mercy as I smack you with my spiked belt
    I told you motherslut you better not mess with me
    For I am born with the murderer spirit!

    Oh some friends of you are here to protect you
    The situation is getting amusing actually
    I am like a wolf around ten thousand sheeps
    And I have the right to chose my next victim, a pregnant woman
    It's so fun, I can torture the mother and her excrement baby
    And so I pierce her stomach with an electric driller
    Fuck her child, fuck babies yeah! Fuck the rest of the world
    Fuck you all, only me have the right to exist
    Forget everything you learnt at school
    The only meaning of your life is to serve me to death
    Good thing I own all these sharp knives your vaginas dream about
    And if you try to resist don't forget you're nothing but women
    That means, worthless subhumans just good to kneel and shut up
    So let me take care about your unborn baby
    I'll open your stomach with a knife and throw some acid
    And I make you scream until your eyes fall out
    So you'll know the real definition of true pain
    As a mutilate you and spit venom on your scars
    Swallow bitch, swallow my cum and my piss
    And feel my mad DNA going deep into your ugly bodies
    How could I care less about the hate you throw upon me
    Cause I am born with the murderer spirit!

    Psychological depravation, fractured mind, images of hatred
    Looking at all those dying pornstars makes me cum so bad
    I'm on my way to destroy the rest of your family
    Going upstairs and waking your grandparents up with a pickaxe!
    In the eyes I stab these old bitches
    Get on your knees, I know your libido is still intact
    Even if your ninety-six I don't care, you're hot as a volcano
    I'll hammer your face with my dick then cum on your mouth
    And you better swallow bitch if you don't want your life shortened!
    Think about your descendance, if you want it alive
    You better obey me or your whole life will be in vain
    At least I can rape you as well since you'll never sue
    You're too old to walk, too old to tell the police
    Oh so this boy behind you is your son? I'll be his teacher!
    Man you better cum on the face of your grand-ma
    You know you're a son of a bitch and you'll die that way
    Then I break the window and use these piece of glass
    In order to mutilate you and make you bleed to death
    You know you're too weak to oppose me so I tell you, slags
    You better not mess with the murderer spirit!

    Here I sit, alone and depressed, no one to kill
    Let's set that fucking house on fire and watch you burn
    Come on children, we will play hopscotch in the kitchen
    I'll throw knives on your faces and the last one standing
    Will earn the right to suck my cock!
    I'll even put its angelic face on the deep web
    The corpses lying on the ground will be buried under my shit
    These are just children, so stinking even flies won't touch them
    Their death will be in vain, useless for society, worthless,
    I don't give a fuck about these morals codes and values of life
    Tell these stories your mamas, tell them goodbye
    You'll never see them again, now enjoy my dirty games
    Since I'm your teacher, let's learn how to count
    One two three four five, fingers on each of your hands
    One two three four five, knives I'll use to cut them
    Your fingers cutted out, how would you play hopscotch now?
    Well get the shit out of yourself, never forget the price
    Suck my cock or you'll end on the ground covered with shit!
    You are just a bunch of worthless children, never forget
    And don't try to oppose the murderer spirit!

    Oh who are you you anorexic slut, good thing you're here
    I was about to kill myself and drown in my depressive thoughts
    But your presence makes me feel better cause you're worthless
    Did you check yourself in the glass, you're so fucking skinny
    Eat your vomit and die, even a serial rapist won't fuck you
    Let my put some knives deep in your ribs
    I know you like it, I know you like to cry
    You fucking masochistic slut, if you eat nothing
    How about eating my cum you bitch
    This is the only thing you're able to swallow without vomitting
    I'm certain of it, so put the knife deeper into you and get on your four
    Yuck! Even for someone disturbed as me, see you like that is disgusting
    You fight like a kitty, take my dick and put it into your mouth
    Oh nevermind! Better take profit of your weakness to kick your face
    You're already on your four, let my feet kick your ugly dirty face
    Oh you're already bleeding, good for me, I love the sight of blood!
    Why don't you kill yourself, you fucking brainless whore
    I throw myself upon you and stomp your whole body with my weight
    You're about to vomit and I draw triangles on the wall with your guts!
    Painting the living room red with you, oh nice idea
    You're so light and weak, so easy to take you into my arms
    And violently throw you into the wall, so you'll know what is it
    To cross the path of the murderer spirit!

    Blood all over my visions, blood all over my dreams,
    I live to disturb the world with my insane words,
    I told you motherfucker, better not mess with me
    For I am the one born with the murderer spirit!

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